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Code of Conduct

​​​​​St. Mary Catholic School
​Code of Conduct

Community Vision:

As a Catholic Faith community we believe that we are called by God to promote, inspire and love one another as He has commanded us.  We are a unique community that demonstrates the values that we proclaim through many different venues and interactions.  We also realize that we are responsible to each other, to our-selves and to our community at large.  This means that we cannot only think about ourselves, but are also called to remember our brothers and sisters in every decision we make.


Together We Are Stronger:​

A fundamental belief we have for our community is the idea that as a collective we not only possess strength; but we also possess a collective wisdom that will help us overcome any challenge we face.  We firmly believe that our students have a great deal of knowledge, strength and can contribute to the common good in their own unique ways.  We believe that all students have "something" they are great at and value an asset model when thinking about their talents.   The idea of community is also one that is at the core of our Church and our weekly celebration of the Eucharist.


Home/School/Church as One:

In a community where we are so closely tied together, there is a strong bond between the families we serve, the school where we serve them and the Church that guides both through incredible leadership by our Parish Priest.  This triad of relationship mirrors our belief in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is one that often is called upon to get us through crisis and challenge.  Through our morning announcements, sacramental preparations, daily religious instruction and monthly masses; we are living the virtues and scriptures of our faith. We are also blessed to be able to openly and publicly declare the Good News in an effort to further strengthen our relationships and proclaim the messages of God that we have been taught and teach to our students.




Our Vision:

As a community we are blessed with many natural gifts from God.  If we believe this we then must take a greater level of responsibility to ensure these gifts are given the same respect as our spiritual gifts from Him.  St. Mary is a Certified ECO School, which is a clear commitment to maintaining not only our school environment, but educating ourselves about the larger issues facing the global community. 


We Believe:

  • Students have the ability to understand the impact of their choices on the environment around them.
  • All students will value and support our ECO School and Boomerang initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Conservation can become a way of life and one that is integral to all curriculum areas.
  • Every community member who utilizes our school community will uphold the values of stewardship, conservation and understanding that we so value.
  • Together we can create a different outcome for future generations if we work as a unit with a common goal of protecting God's creation.

If you need help we will/can:

  • Provide you with our data around our school's reduction success with our carbon footprint.
  • Have a student or teacher work with you to further your understanding around the key issues.
  • Provide opportunities for direct service.
  • Have a community partner share their passion and knowledge around stewardship.
  • Give you the opportunity to record your thoughts, research ideas and plan upcoming preventative measures to strengthen your relationship with our community.
  • Provide you with a leadership opportunity for you to shine and become a leader in the preservation of God's gift through nature and our environment.




Our Vision:

Everything we do, we are given and will be given is because of our relationship with God.  We are the recipients of his ultimate gift through the birth, death and resurrection of His only Son Jesus.  This special relationship is at the core of all that we do at St. Mary.  Simply put, we think differently, act differently and hold each other to standards based on teachings through the bible.  As a school we are in relationship with St. Peter in Chains Parish and the parishioners who support those communities.  This brings a great level of commitment and support for our students and links them to a universal Church that is present around the world.


We Believe:

  • God has called all community members to "BE" his Church.
  • The power of our scripture teachings can provide us with a vision for living that will lead to our eternal salvation.
  • All children are called to God and because of this are inherently good.
  • As a faith community we are in relationship with each other on a deeper level and are called to support each other.
  • We have a responsibility to care for those in need around us, in our community and globally.
  • Every person in our community experiences their own faith development journey and we are powerful sources of growth and support for.
  • We are expected to be voices of change for social justice and equity amongst all we encounter.

    If you need

    help we will/can:
  • Share our beliefs around certain topics through building a common understanding of God's expectations for us.
  • Provide opportunities for further exploration of scripture teaching.
  • Invite our Parish Priest to share his vision and guidance based on your needs for personal growth.
  • Construct opportunities to allow you to further grow in your own faith development.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone who comes to our community is willing and supported in their own faith development, building stronger ties amongst their peers and a stronger sense of self.




Our Vision:

As a school community we value the Four Core Instructional Strategies, improving our understanding around assessment and evaluation and create conditions where our students will become academic risk-takers.  We believe that a solid foundation in reading, writing and mathematical thinking form the core skills necessary to continue to build on the strengths our students already possess.


We Believe:

  • Every student has unique strengths and potential.
  • Exploration and deep thinking are always at the root of learning.
  • The natural environment is one of the best classrooms and can inspire innovation from our students.
  • Children naturally want to explore, create and dream; adults sometimes need to teach and empower them to do this.
  • Teaching is a calling based on nurturing children's God given talents.
  • Our students with exceptionalities are important to our school community and remind us that brilliance comes in many different ways.
  • All parents and children want the best for their future and scholarship is key in helping them achieve greatness.

    If you need help we will/can:

  • Differentiate our teaching so you can learn the best way possible to show what you know in multiple formats, or using technology.
  • Create an Individual Education Plan based on your strengths, with realistic goals for your personal growth.
  • Look for staff, agencies and other community members to help construct a unique program for you.
  • Allow you to try something more than once; perfection is in changing the way we think, not just getting something right the first time.
  • Look for peers to mentor and coach you as you master certain skills through rich and relevant learning tasks.
  • Explore testing options that might help us find out the unique way you see things.

One of the key principles to our belief in scholarship is that fairness does not mean same.  There will be times when a student may need individualized attention, or supports and they are entitled to it without being measured against other students, or judged.




Our Vision:

"Wellness starts with "ME" at STMT".  We know that our students, staff and families face great challenges at different points in their lives and if we trust our relationships we can support each other in powerful ways.  At STMT our goal is to remove the stigma around mental health and wellness and to promote the concept of redemption and restorative justice when we are supporting each other. We also know that in order to fully understand our community's needs for wellness we also need to respect and listen to everyone's voice, history and dreams for the future.  Our vision of wellness is not based on single events, but a constant stream of discussion, community events and honest conversations about what we need from each other.


We Believe:

  • Every member of our community wants to belong and has a right to belong.
  • Relationship building and maintenance is the best way to support those who might need help.
  • Mental health supports are not always a "forever" thing, sometimes they are short term and impactful.
  • Student success is tied closely to their sense of mental wellbeing and belonging and is something that needs to be built, not assumed.
  • As a community we possess a lot of influence and power to meet the needs of those who are struggling amongst us.
  • In order for students to excel at wellness they need to SEE themselves reflected in the school building and what they are being taught.
  • Our aboriginal and first nation families possess great knowledge and teachings that are vital to wellness.
  • We are the "First Door" and there is no wrong door, we will always help if we can.

    If you need help we will/can:

  • Discuss the help you need and make plans to implement, or find it.
  • Provide access to our board social worker, youth worker or other professionals who might be able to help.
  • Work with outside agencies to create a wrap-around level of support for your wellness.
  • Support you in the referral process to outside agencies who specialize in the help you need.
  • Be empathetic, caring and realistic about the level and kinds of supports we provide. And facilitate what we are capable of. 
  • Belonging

     Bullying Prevention and Building Relationships:

     Our Vision:

    Everyone has a right to feel safe in our community.  We recognize the seriousness of bullying behaviour and are committed to the power of building positive relationships.

    We Believe:

  • Both people involved in a bullying situation need support.
  • We believe in an inclusive, caring Catholic school community.
  • It is important to value different perspectives and experiences to create our community.
  • Relationships can be repaired if they are authentic and positive to start with.
  • The responsibility of relationship building belongs to everyone.

Progressive Discipline:


Our Vision:

The purpose of discipline is for growth and learning.  We believe it should be strengths based, to establish our students for success.  At the core, progressive discipline is about maintaining relationship with our community.


We Believe:

  • The use of a continuum best meets the needs of students.
  • We will reflect on our students' strengths and needs to help them grow.
  • Discipline should be founded on the ideas of redemption; growth and dignity.


We believe that "every school day counts." (Dr. Wayne Hammond) To create strong relationships we need to be in community as much as possible.  We also need our students to be with us to help them learn and gain the skills they will need for their future success.  Attendance is about the relationship between home and school and a common understanding of benefit.